Macrobiotic Health Coach Training
Starts November 19th, 2010
In Glasgow

buying shares People are waking up to the need for healthy living and they need someone to guide them through the fads and confusion – are you up to the challenge? Would you like to learn how?

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Our course is founded on the principles of modern macrobiotic health care and represents a unique blending of ancient wisdom and modern insight. Students will receive training in Macrobiotic Nutrition for Health and Recovery, The Principles of Human Ecology, Oriental Diagnosis and Health Assessment, Natural Foods Cooking and Home Remedies, Basic Shiatsu Massage, Body Energy and Movement as well as Practitioner Training.

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Bill Tara in London
The Mysterious Case of Macrobioics
December 4th and 5th
Concord Institute


Macrobiotics and George Ohsawa’s Magic Spectacles

best shares to buy now The Japanese teacher George Ohsawa was an iconoclast and maverick of the highest order. In the years after the second world war when Japan was reeling under the impact of defeat and destruction he set out to challenge the principles of both Eastern and Western society with what he termed as his “primitive” insights. He attacked the materialism and naivete of the West and the stagnant spirituality of the East with equal fervor.

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  Video Message from Bill Tara (4 minutes, 13 seconds)
  William Tara (Also known as Bill Tara) - BIOGRAPHY
For over forty years Bill Tara has been at the forefront of macrobiotic education, developing businesses, educational projects, and teaching in over 20 countries. He has consistently focused his work on adapting the macrobiotic philosophy to the needs of modern life and culture. His approach is dynamic, simple and comprehensive, it is untroubled by

esoteric jargon and rich with humor. Bill’s teaching addresses the huge gap in our social understanding of how to create health in the individual and in society as a whole.

His newest book, “Natural Body, Natural Mind” is now available at www.amazon.com or www.xlibris.com. An excerpt can be accessed on this site.

“Macrobiotics reflects a deep wisdom found in traditional ways of life throughout the world. This wisdom describes a way of being that is in alignment with the rhythms of nature and has much to teach us as we face the challenges of our times. When sensibly applied, the core principles of macrobiotic thinking and action can provide valuable lessons to us in the creation of self-generated healing, the development of enlightened health care and the promise of a healthy human ecology. “

-Bill Tara -

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