COURSE : Macrobiotics Health Coach Traning

Macrobiotic Health Coach Training
Summer 2011, August 19th - September 2nd
Autumn 2011, Dates to Be Announced

The Macrobiotic Health Coach Intensive is a unique program focused on providing a learning experience for men and women who want to contribute to a healthy world. The course is designed to prepare the participants as Health Coaches. No previous experience or training is required for participation.

This year we are offering two full courses. The Summer Intensive is a residential two week program held at Penninghame House in Newton Stewart, Scotland and our second course will be offered in the Autumn in Tyneside starting in October. This Autumn course will be offered over six week-end modules (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday).

The course will be useful to those students who want to deepen their study of natural health care and macrobiotics as well as those who wish to utilize the training as an addition to their professional services such as fitness coaching, yoga teaching, business coaching or any practice of alternative health care. The course will provide ample training in:

For the Summer Intensive check out www.penninghame.org for the Autumn course contact wwtara@msn.com

Understanding Health and Healing

  • Nutritional Science and Human Experience
  • A review of Traditional ways of eating
  • Epidemiology and what the studies say
  • Fundamental problems with the modern diet
  • What Oshawa's levels of Illness and health say


Health and Emotion

  • Belief and Behaviour in health and healing
  • Relationship of health to habit
  • Classical definitions of health
  • The Mind Body connection
  • Basic character qualities in Five Transformations as archetypes to inform understanding.
  • Abraham Maslow and Western ideas of Healthy Behaviour
  • Five Behavioural Archetypes
  • Visualization
    • Visualization practice
  • Affirmation
    • Building a new narrative


Traditions of Nutrition

  • Yin and Yang / Understanding Food Energy
    • The macrobiotic system of Health Care
    • Understanding the energy of foods by growth patterns, environment and effect on body
    • Using Yin and Yang classifications to create health
    • The Roots of Modern Macrobiotic Dietary practice
    • The Economy and Ecology of diet
  • The Five Transformations Introduction
    • The cycle of yin and yang through the seasons
    • Examples of food qualities and taste in the Five Transformations
  • Living with the Seasons
    • Making adaptation to the season and environment
    • Basic Dietary changes for personal needs


Shiatsu, Body Work and Exercise

  • Body Cosmology
  • Shiatsu and Intuitive Body Work
  • Understanding Energy and Body work
  • Meridian work & technique
  • Do-In


Natural Foods Cooking & Remedies

Your cooking classes will focus on a hands-on approach to learning. Classes will include the selection and preparation of Grains, Bean dishes (including tempeh and tofu), soups, and a variety of vegetable cooking styles, sea vegetables and simple deserts. We will also introduce the basic home remedies.

  • Kitchen Remedies for Digestive Disorders
  • Kitchen Remedies for Common illnesses
  • Kitchen Remedies for cooling or heating
  • Drinks for elimination and detoxifying
  • Kitchen Compresses
  • Weight Loss
    • Common causes of weight gain
    • Calories, Cravings and metabolism
  • Women's Problems
    • Menstrual problems
    • Pre-Menopause and menopause
  • Men's Problems
    • Heart and circulatory system
    • Prostate problems


Health Assessment

  • Health Assessment and Oriental Diagnosis
    • The uses and abuses of visual diagnosis
    • Understanding the Art of Seeing (Bo-Shin)
    • Qualities of excess in skin colour and complexion
  • Oriental Diagnosis Workshop
    • Practical use face map
    • Expression and Body Language
    • Posture and Body Armouring


Principles and Practice of Health Coaching

  • Orientation to coaching
  • The principles of intentional listening
  • Bridge building and motivation in healing
  • Rules of the game, basic technique and inspiration
  • An Ethical approach to Health Coaching
    • The ethics of coaching
    • Dealing with Medical Issues
    • Making referrals
    • Common traps and manipulations
  • Leading Support Groups and Healing Circles
  • Strategies for healing common health problems
    • How to make safe adjustments in diet and lifestyle
    • Establishing a health related business
Available through your local bookstore's order desk or at these online bookstores: Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, Xlibris.com or by phone at 1-888-795-4274 etx. 7876.
  Health Coaching Testimonials

"You've got it all with Bill and Marlene: mind, body and spirit. The first steps towards the "great life"to which we all aspire.s "
Kenneth - Paris

"This is a truly powerful and transformational course led by world-class practitioners. I challenge anyone to leave this course unchanged for the better! " Amanda - Helensburgh

"The coaching program has been challenging, enjoyable and has Inspired me to continue learning about helping others to achieve good health" Paul - Tynside

"Bill, Marlene and Paul share their wealth of knowledge in a way that I too want to share all that I have learnt. As a Shiatsu Practitioner I now can motivate others who want to help themselves into new habits to enhance their life"
Vanessa - Scotland

  William Tara (Also known as Bill Tara) - BIOGRAPHY
For over forty years Bill Tara has been at the forefront of macrobiotic education, developing businesses, educational projects, and teaching in over 20 countries. He has consistently focused his work on adapting the macrobiotic philosophy to the needs of modern life and culture. His approach is dynamic, simple and comprehensive, it is untroubled by

esoteric jargon and rich with humor. Bill’s teaching addresses the huge gap in our social understanding of how to create health in the individual and in society as a whole.

His newest book, “Natural Body, Natural Mind” is now available at www.amazon.com or www.xlibris.com. An excerpt can be accessed on this site.

“Macrobiotics reflects a deep wisdom found in traditional ways of life throughout the world. This wisdom describes a way of being that is in alignment with the rhythms of nature and has much to teach us as we face the challenges of our times. When sensibly applied, the core principles of macrobiotic thinking and action can provide valuable lessons to us in the creation of self-generated healing, the development of enlightened health care and the promise of a healthy human ecology. “

-Bill Tara -

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