“Bill Tara has been one of our main teachers since the 1970’s. We have always appreciated his profound understanding and practical experience in Oriental Medicine, which he teaches in a direct and humorous fashion. Bill has a wealth of knowledge in many aspects of life and together with his engaging teaching style always leaves people inspired – we are never disappointed!”

Jan and Mieke
Vervecken, International Shiatsu School, Belgium.

“So many people have created health and healing in their lives through Bill’s teaching and leadership. His teaching is always direct and insightful, drawing on his many years experience. His work has been invaluable to me as well as many others around the world.”

Maria Gillott
Macrobiotic Cooking Teacher and program organizer

“Clear and humorous in his delivery, he brings together insights about natural health and human nature into an effective whole which has the power to change peoples’ perceptions, behaviors and businesses. I wholeheartedly recommend Bill Tara and his work.”

Eric Bergsagel
Entrepreneur, London

Bill is an experienced and inspiring lecturer who is constantly exploring new ideas. He keeps you directly focused on the subject at hand, informing and challenging you with humor and care. His deep insight is firmly based on years of practical experience.

Frans Saat and Marja Verroen,
Oost West Centrum, Rotterdam, Holland.

“Bill’s teaching is insightful, authentic and truly guided by common sense and simplicity, even when he explores the most complex issues of holistic studies. He is for me definitely the most “macrobiotic” teacher I know, in his spirit, in his way of conducting his life, and most of all, in how he meets and inspires people.”

Mario Binetti
Director of Kientalerhof, Kiental, Switzerland

“As a medical doctor I believe that Bill has made a tremendous contribution to the challenge of helping people become healthy in the UK. I have always been impressed with the depth of his knowledge. His passion and delightful sense of humor enthrall any attending his seminars.

Martin R Innes
Consultant, Glasgow, Scotland

I wish to convey my gratitude to you both for the work you did with my staff and myself. Your positive attitude and practical approach to nutrition and fitness are infectious. You motivated my staff to make changes in their lifestyle and your joie de vivre is living proff that your approach works. Each member of my staff benefited in a different way.

Jeff Halliday
McSherry Halliday Solicitors

They say laughter is the best medicine and after an afternoon with you both my team were totally rejuvenated. Your down to earth approach and attitude to health and stress reduction left us with the feeling that we were armed with knowledge and were determined to put your simple tips into action, we did and they worked.

Human Resources Director, Martin Curry Unit Trust Corp.

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Lectures & Seminars

Together, Bill Tara and Marlene Watson-Tara have combined 60 years of experience in teaching health and wellness programs to offer you or you organization the very best in professional, lively, informative and practical teaching. For detailed descriptions of programs, cost and details contact us at info@billtara.net.
For information on Marlene Watson-Tara please follow this link www.wellnessconsultant.co.uk.

Bill Tara Seminars

Bill Tara has been teaching health, healing and human ecology seminars for over 40 years. He has been invited to over 20 countries and presented to thousands of students’ worldwide. His seminars cover a wide range of topics from Health and Behaviour to Stress Reduction, from Macrobiotics for Modern Times to Human Ecology. Seminars can be designed to fit the needs and desires of your group from a comprehensive list of topics.

Five-Day Health Retreats with Bill and Marlene

Allow yourself time for a healthy, macrobiotic way of life, for natural health, beauty, vitality and well-being. Awaken your own healing abilities. Lectures will focus on your personal health questions. You will learn to prepare delicious and healing food, snacks and drinks. Exercise classes will cover all aspects of movement, from Tai chi to Yoga, breathing, relaxation and meditation.
Depending on course participants, requirements and location it is possible to arrange the additional services of a Macrobiotic Chef, Shiatsu Massage Practitioner or Acupuncturist.

One-Day Corporate Programmes with Bill and Marlene

Bill and Marlene offer a variety of services designed to promote a healthier and stress free workplace. Our programmes focus on simple commonsense approaches to well being that educate, empower and inspire individuals to create a more healthy way of living. We can tailor the programmes to fit the specific needs of you and your company, from in-house workshops to corporate away days.

Macrobiotic One Day Workshops with Bill and Marlene

These workshops are designed to give a practical and informative introduction to the subjects. Every workshop includes notes and study materials for the participants. (M) Marlene only (B) Bill only.

Macrobiotic Cooking from A to Z (M)
Stress Reduction
Weight Loss – Nature’s Way (M)
Preventative Health Care
Women’s Health (M)
Chiball (Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation) (M)
Human Ecology (B)
The 5 Transformations – The compass for everyday life

Individual Health Consultations

Individual Health counselling can be arranged with either Bill or Marlene on appointment.

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